Friday, October 17, 2008

This week just flew by

I can't believe how fast this week went. I'm grateful it's the weekend again but man, that was fast. Not too much to report on this week.. we finally got the missing hamburgers and boy, they are good and they are huge! Big thanks to "The Ginkster" (aka my MIL) for those.
I worked at the quilt shop again this week and it was slammin' busy. I had barely walked in the door when our first customer came in, fell in love with the new line of fabrics and next thing I know I'm cutting 26 yards of them for her and it only got crazier from there. I did enjoy it though. Oh, here's the display for the new fabrics DSC04004 And here's the quilt top I made for the shop DSC04013 Next week I'll go in and quilt it on the handi quilter which should be fun. I did make one boo boo here DSC04011 Got the whole thing together before I realized this piece was in with the wrong side up. I thought about ignoring it but just couldn't so I managed to unsew around it and turned it over and sewed it back in correctly. That would have made me crazy, knowing it was in there wrong.
I did see this on the way to the shop.. DSC04003 The blimp is a fairly common site around these parts but I still feel like a kid when I see it.
And did you see the moon this week? DSC04006 It was so big and beautiful and just lit up everything.
Oh and the big news is we finally got Bakugan for Nate. Have you seen or heard of these things? DSC04005
They are apparently all the rage with pre teen boys. They are ping pong ball size and when they touch metal, they pop open to reveal whatever kind of creature they are. There is, of course, a show that corresponds to them and you battle them like pokemon. Nate has been wanting them forever but they are always sold out. Got a call from a friend that some had just come in at Walmart so we got him a pack of 6 and are doling them out one at a time as a reward but the boy couldn't be happy with that, he had to try to sneak a new one out and then LIED about it, which I caught immediately and gave him a couple of chances to come clean. When he didn't he got them all taken away. Some day he'll learn!
Okay well I guess it was a busier week than I first thought ~ no wonder it flew! Hope your weekend is all you hope for.


Bella said...

Since my boys ar older...16+...i don't know the 'cool' stuff anymore...they have jobs, they buy thier dtuff now...and Yeppers, that moon was awesome (for days) Blimp pic...I always point them out and I just get the OH. I've seen one already...I still think they are cool too. NOW, on to the important stuff...that fabric is FABULOUS!!!! and sew is your quilt.

mom23boys said...

Dakota is nuts for these things. He's got about a dozen. Here they evidently aren't quite so popular, though, because there is no shortage. He even has one huge one the size of a softball. Good luck with that, lol.

Miss Healthypants said...

Great pics! :)

I've never heard of Bakugan...

What'll they come up with next?? :)

upstateLisa said...

gorgeous quilt!!!! I love it. and yes, I saw the moon and it was a beaut!!!

Sandra :) said...

Gorgeous quilt and gorgeous fabric line --- I have to admit that when I put a block in wrong side up, I frequently leave it and call it a "design decision" ;) If it was for a gift or *very* obvious I'd probably fix it, but I'd think long and hard first, LOL.