Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soccer Saturday is back

Soccer resumed again today and we kicked butt! I think we won 6 to 1. While Nate didn't actually score he did assist in a goal or two and played really well. He also took a ball to his nether regions and went down but was back up fairly quickly. He also took one in the chest but shook it off as well. Today's action shots were taken by Julianne and I think she got some good ones.
This is my favorite DSC04022
He got a really good shot off his head with this one DSC04039 And here the ball had just left his foot DSC04044
And here's the photographer herself after eating a blue bubblegum snow cone!
Oh and the boy got a new bike today. We've owed him a new bike for his birthday but it took this long for him to decide which bike he actually wanted. DSCN0705
And last but not least, I finally finished this purse. I got it 99% done and then got busy with other stuff. Decided to get it done tonight.DSC04047 It turned out okay but not sure how practical it is.

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Mom Taxi Julie said...

She did a great job with the pictures! Cute purse!