Saturday, October 11, 2008

A little of this and that

It's been a blessedly uneventful week ~ no soccer practice ~ no chorus pratice ~ no hamburgers. HUH? I guess the most "uneventful" thing that happened this week were the hamburgers that never arrived. My wonderful MIL had ordered us some gourmet burgers from QVC a couple of weeks ago and the charming intellegent person that took the order wrote down the wrong address ~ needless to say burgers never arrived although I checked with the address that supposedly got them (just a few houses down) and they claim to have not gotten them either although I think I could smell the distinct odor of grilled meat on their breath (just kidding)... so my MIL called QVC to advise them of their error they happily resent them STILL TO THE WRONG ADDRESS! Man I was looking forward to some grilled burgers this weekend.
I did work at the local quilt shop one day this week. The pay sucks but man, that's my kind of job. I cut fabrics to make 2 quilts for the shop. The first one is this little rag quilt.DSC03979
I've also made one for my Etsy shop
The other fabrics I cut were to make this quilt from Atkinson Designs. The book is called "Time Out Quilts" and the shop got the entire line of fabrics which I will be using about 10 of. For the rest of the line I cut fat quarters and made little star bundles. I should have taken pictures of the whole pile cause it really looked cute .. but here's one I made at homeDSC03990 from some pinks & browns I had lying around. I also got the book "Lets do Lunch" which has some great projects in it including a very cute purse on the back I really want to make.

Then I did a couple of surgeon's caps for the Esty shop DSC03980DSC03981 Don't ya love my handsome model?
Speaking of my handsome hubster and uneventful news... he gave the lovely Sadie a bath this week. DSC03972 Can you just see the look of panic in her eyes. She HATES getting a bath.
And then some exciting news... Nathaniel finished his report on Alabama early! Yes, two days early. DSC03974 And since he has been to Alabama several times I got him (under much protest) to use actual photos of the fun stuff we did like hiking at a state park, going into the caves, museums and more. He finally saw the light and agreed to use them to enhance his report. Hopefully we'll get his grade back next week but so far he is doing much better in school this year than last. It's still no picnic but so very much better.
Julianne's week was also pretty uneventful. After chorus being cancelled last week, she forgot to go this week. I'm telling you this child is 9 with the attitude of a 16 y/o. She even asked about shaving her legs already ~ Umm NO!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

So nice when the kids get their reports done EARLY!

mom23boys said...

It's hard to tell who looks more excited about the bath, Richard or Sadie. The Christmas rag quilt is adorable.

Miss Healthypants said...

I LOVE homemade quilts! They are much better than store-bought comforters. :)

Also, that pic of your hubby and dog is hilarious! :) Your dog does look EXTREMELY excited. :)