Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm ready for fall

Well at least my dining room is...DSC03999 DSC04000 now if we could only get some cooler temps around here. At least with my fall stuff up I can start to wrap my mind around it. DSC04001 This is a wall hanging I did a couple of years back as a class sample but I really like it and pull it out every fall. I also did a Christmas one that I didn't keep cause I really didn't care much for it. The shop picked out the fabrics and it had too much black in it. The shops always seem to have a plethora of black Christmas fabrics and while I agree a small amount can make something look a bit more elegant, black is not a color I relate to Christmas. Give me purple any day!
I did a few new things for my Etsy shop today DSC03996 DSC03994. These two drawstring bags for boys. I was surprised that my 11 y/o actually liked the dragon one. I thought it would be too young for him.DSC03992
Is it just me or has the price of food gone totally out of control? As the price of gas goes down, food goes waaay up. I did some grocery shopping today and spent almost $300 and I didn't even buy much in the way of meat. Mostly just staples (milk, oj, bread) and then stuff for kids and hubby's lunches snacks etc. It's just crazy. I shouldn't be able to unload $300 worth of groceries in three trips all by myself.
Monday's soccer practice got cancelled due to rain which I'm okay with. We've got about another month to go before soccer season is over. Not sure what we'll do next but I'd like to keep Nate busy. He's better when he's busy. Need to look into getting Julz back into gymnastics. She did it for years in Tampa and she really misses it. She makes me nervous cause she's always doing cartwheels on the tile floor.
My friend Ann and I had a discussion about lying the other day (our kids, not us) and she asked me if I thought girls or boys lied more. Of course since she has only boys ~ 3 of them ~ she didn't have much to compare to. I told her I thought girls lied a lot more but the difference is they get caught less... and boys lie about stupid stuff. Stuff you can check on immediately and see they are lying. Girls are sneakier and their lies are much more subtle. What do you think?


Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry it's taken so long to come visit. Im a bit of a slacker that way.

I love the fall wall hanging! And yes, if the cooler weather would just get here already!

Girls probably do lie more frequently, and better, but I think it has something to do with how they are encouraged to interact with society. You know, all coy and stuff. I don't know, I could be talking total smack, I don't have kids, so Im just going on personal experience.

upstateLisa said...

You might be right about the lying thing. My son always gets caught eventually (well, esp. if the teacher calls to tell me that he didn't do his H.W.).
Love the striped tablerunner. Looking very fallish but does it really feel like fall in FL?

mom23boys said...

Looking at your dining room, it's clear to me why all my things have orange or yellow (or both). I learned it from my first teacher. lol

Jennifer said...

I love the table runner! Cute! I still need to put out my fall stuff!

Judy said...

Girl's mature, both mentally and physically, years before their male counterparts. It seems that when they are quite young, they quickly learn the lay of the land and develop a strategy. My Robbie told "whoppers" that were so obvious I'd almost burst out laughing at him. Angie, OTOH, got away with a LOT!

I believe girls are born with the "cunning" instinct. Don't squelch it too much beyond letting her know you are on to her. (It's a survival tool she will need later!) --biggrandmagrin--

Miss Healthypants said...

I have no idea who lies more, but for some reason, I bet it's girls. I definitely tell more little white lies than Iwanski--but I can never lie to him. He has a built-in lie detector! :)

Vodka Mom said...

okay. Get your ass over here and help me decorate for fall. I am too damn busy. And not quite so crafty...

although girls, yeah, they're crafty, alright. And I agree with bea- they do lie more. My fella is always ready to say, "Yeah, I lied.." but the girls would be TORTURED before they would admit it.