Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fun

Today I got a chance to quilt on the Handi Quilter at the shop here. I was able to completely quilt this (without having to pre baste it) in just 3 hours and a lot of that was getting it all set up and pinned on. I figure this isn't bad especially since it's my first time. I think the quilt turned out pretty well. DSC04147 And here's a closer look for you showing the fabric on the back DSC04148
We did have a bit of drama while I was there. A (newly) former employee was apparently waiting in the parking lot until the owner left at which point she and 3 of her friends showed up at the shop knowing full well that there was only 1 employee in the store at the time, and proceeded to pull what she claimed to be her projects off the wall and make a clean get~away. Fortunately for the shop there were two "off duty" employees there as well. Long story short, the police had to be called and there was much screaming and threatening all by the former employee. Now, I don't doubt that most, if not all of these pieces may have belonged to her, this was the absolute wrong way to go about this. I know I have a few pieces that I did hanging up in the shop but some of them actually belong to the shop. There is a list that is kept of what actually belongs to you and what belongs to the shop. was messy and I felt bad for the shop owner who was really upset by the whole thing and embarrassed that I, as a new employee, had to witness it.
After that drama was done, I headed for home where I picked up the kids so we could go see "High School Musical 3" on opening day. Nathaniel really didn't want to go but I didn't want to leave him home alone and when I pointed out that Julianne has been giving up 2 hrs 2 days a week to go to his soccer practices as well as 3 hrs every Saturday to go to his games, he saw the error of his way and decided to stop giving me a hard time. He actually ended up having a good time because 3 girls from school last year were there and they were all macking on him big time. He sat in between them while Julianne and I sat in the row in front of them. At one point I heard one of the girls say "I'm not sure what happened over the summer but you are much cooler now!" It was all I could do to stifle a chuckle or two. Needless to say, he was in heaven. Julianne was also in heaven and managed to stiffle "most" of her screams upon seeing Zak on the big screen. Me, I'm more of a Corbin Bleu fan and I did actually enjoy the movie for what it was. I don't see an oscar in it's future but the music was catchy, the dancing enjoyable and the plot very predictable. There was, of course, the separation of Troy and Gabrielle but all's well that ends well in HSM world and they ended up "all in this together" at the end.


Bella said...

The quilting is fabulous! Oh to be able to own one...sigh.
I am glad we are past the HSM days...and my son would sympathize entirely.

Dani said...

I am SOOOO SOOOO SOOO in love with that quilt! Its the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

jillytacy said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love it! Sounds like a mess at the shop but hopefully it will all be resolved without any more confrontations.