Sunday, October 26, 2008

Playing in the rain

Well Saturday's game started out fairly well. The edges of the field were a bit wet from the previous night's rain DSC04092 But the sun was shining ~ so much so that I went and got my umbrella to shield myself. Here was Julianne's solution to the blazing sun DSC04093
I completely underestimated the other team. They looked kinda whimpy and while we did score the first goal they would have totally kicked out butts if it wasn't for the fact that we have an exceptional goalie.
Next thing we knew the sky started to get a bit dark DSC04110 and then came the last half of the game... and the skies opened up for real DSC04117 The last half of the game was played in the pouring rain. Richard and Julianne went and sat in the car where they could still see the game. Me, I stayed in my chair under the umbrella and stayed fairly dry.
We did end up winning 3 to 2 and I'm telling you the boys had more fun playing in the rain than any other time I've seen. There was much falling and slipping and diving thru mud and it stayed pouring right up through the end of the game. Here are a few more "wet & dirty" pictures. DSC04132 DSC04134 and the end of the game where the boys greet each other with a high five and "good game" DSC04133
On a more important note ~ my favorite comfy shoes took a beating as well. Here they are after walking across the "dry" field DSC04108 and then after crossing the "wet" field DSC04138 But all's well that ends well and they came thru the washer very well and are as good as new.
Here's Richard bringing the cooler back to the car ~ It was our day to bring snack ~ of course! DSC04140
And then this little guy was having the time of his life after the game.DSC04141
And finally ~ two last pictures. This is the Catholic school where we played. I thought these two structures were pretty interesting. DSC04142DSC04143


Becky said...

Very nice pictures. Is that a snake in the first picture? Sorry it rained on you but like you said, the kids had fun. Sorry about your experience in the shop. Some people just don't know how to handle themselves but had to bring others with her to witness her showing her butt.

upstateLisa said...

well, my day wasn't as wet as yours! I am so behind on my blog reading, I can't keep up with it all. All of a sudden you have 5 posts!!! OY!

Trish said...

That church in on Merritt Island, right? It looks really familiar. Even if it isn't in MI, I think our old neighbors went to that church, what is it's name?

Heather Kate Mattos said...

Thanks for stopping by! Looks like you had quite an adventurous weekend, yourself! Have a great week :)

Miss Healthypants said...

Nice pics! You are still so lucky to have warm--albeit sometimes rainy--weather! :)

Today the temp dropped to about 40degrees in Chicago. Soooo cold!!

Bella said...

All I can think of is....OMG, those poor cute shoes are ruined!