Friday, October 3, 2008


It's been a full week. Two soccer practices, a PTO meeting, A quick visit from my mother in law to bring me these (aren't they purty?) DSC03925, Nathaniel is now a safety patrol,DSC03879 Julianne joined chorus, two trips to the post office (Jen, Ann, MC & Deb keep an eye out!), endless trips to the grocery store... the list goes on and on.
Tried a new recipe this week that I got here thanks to Julie. DSC03878 Turned out really well. I substituted shredded chicken for the beef and had a hard time locating the scallions but added some black olives for good measure. Definitely something I'll make again.
I missed a couple of birthdays this week. Both grade school friends ~ Becky & Ralph. While I am still in touch with both of them, they haven't been in touch with each other in forever. This picture of Becky and I was taken at my house back in 1972. I have one of Ralph from about the same time but can't seem to find it. That's okay.... I'm not sure he reads my blog but Happy Belated Birthday anyway.


Sandra :) said...

Nice dishes from mil! Congrats Nathaniel and Julianne ... and that recipe looks good - I called my 19 year old over to the laptop and asked him if I should make it - he said yes, and called it (sorry in advance, lol) ... "Fart in a Pan" :p Guess I'll stock up on Beano before I make it, LOL.

Have a great weekend! I'm just finishing up some housework (yuck), then I can go back down into the studio to get some sewing done :)

Bella said...

love the dishes! and the recipe looks like i may try that one too! I just came in from dozing off on the side of my face is 'sunned'

jillytacy said...

The dishes are pretty! I love seeing the photos of you growing up. How fun! Keep them coming!
How is Jen doing at grad school?
It looks like you had a good week. I hope you have a great weekend too!

Becky said...

Thanks Barb. I don't even remember taking that pic. Must be getting old LOL!! That looks like a good meal. Send me the receipe sometime. Have a great weekend.

Buck said...

I want that skillet dinner. I'm calling American Airlines this minute.