Monday, August 25, 2008

Risking Life and Limb

So yesterday Richard and Nathaniel risked life and limb to clean out the gutters attached to the pool screen. DSC03637 DSC03635 Richard did mess up his hand pretty badly. Got a blister that was larger than a half dollar. He did take pics but they really are too gross to show. I was nervous about them being up there but while they were cleaning out the gutter the worst that could happen was for them to fall, and if they broke thru the screen, they'd end up in the pool.
Me, I definitely took one for the team. I was spraying the hose up to help clean up the gutters.. took one step too many backwards and in the pool I went ~ clothes, shoes and all. Fortunately they were crocs. This is me after my little dunk in the pool DSC03633
We spotted this little guy just down the street from our house. DSC03631C He is only about 4' and didn't seem to mind getting his picture taken. As you can see, he is absolutely in someones back yard.
And for one last "eww" picture. Nathaniel fished this guy out of the pool. DSCN0650 He's a salamander which is sort of a cross between a lizard and a snake. I don't mind the little lizards (as long as they don't jump on me) but these guys really give me the creeps.
Kids went back to school today (Yeah!) and soccer practiced resumed tonight as well (double yeah). Hopefully the kids will sleep good and I've got a busy day tomorrow. Gotta vote (local election) and then a PTO meeting in the afternoon.


jillytacy said...

It's good they got the gutters cleaned out. I love all of your wildlife pictures. It's very different than our wildlife up north. I'm not sure I'd like a 4 foot alligator on my street!

Miss Healthypants said...

Glad you survived the storm!! :)

I agree with jillytacy--I love the wildlife pic's, too!--and I can't imagine a 4-foot alligator on my street!!

It's gotta be interesting, anyway! :)

Becky said...

Been reading up on your "adventures". Glad to hear you survived the 24". We started getting remnants of Fay (& a cold front) this morning. Supposed to rain thru Wed. PM I think, which is good. We're like 12" down. You can keep the gator. HA! Take care. Love ya!!

Sandra said...

OMG between fish swimming in your street, gators (or crocs?) visiting your neighbours, and you falling into the pool, I think you need a good luck spell, LOL!!! The salamander is cute - I'd rather see him than a croc!

Amy Jo said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the very nice comments. I have enjoyed seeing the purses you made - absolutely adorable!!