Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My best customer

Jen came down to see me last week and when she left she took Nathaniel & Julianne with her. Jen just posted about it on her blog and it looks like they had a great time and kept them on the go 24/7. Me, I loafed. Well I loafed part of the time. I did make a couple of things for Jen. This is to carry all her papers she will have to grade now that she will be student teaching at University of Fla DSC03446 Apparently she's already had people running her down asking where she got it. It makes me happy that she's proud to say "My mom made it for me." She's asked me if I'd consider selling them and I thought about it but I'd have to sell them for a lot of $$ to make it worth my while. Anyway.. I also made her this DSC03447 as a cozy for her new laptop. Don't know what I was thinking though cause it came out about and inch too small so hopefully I have enough of the fabric she picked out to make her a larger one.
She's also placed an order for a new purse for her dress that she's wearing for her graduation (Masters degree from Univ of Alabama) next week. Guess I really should be doing that instead of this... But hey, what's the last minute for if not for getting done what you should have all along!

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jillytacy said...

Your daughter is lucky to have you creating gorgeous goodies for her! All her friends and colleagues will be jealous! You must be so proud of her graduating! Congratulations to her and you!