Friday, August 22, 2008

You know it's bad when...

You know it's been one hellova storm when there are fish swimming in the streets. These are two of the three fish Nate found as the water is beginning to receed.DSC03626 And just to give you an idea of their size DSC03625 I absolutely made him scrub his hands (several times) after this ~ ewww!
I finished the purse I cut out last night. DSC03623
It's a modified version of a bag from Quilts & More fall magazine. There are a couple of other projects in there I'd like to do. It's one of my favorite magazines.
Nate went and played at a friends house today and he was very happy to be out and about again. Julianne and I finished destroying her already messy room trying to find the source of the damp carpet. I'm thinking it's seepage in the foundation of the house from the 30" of rain we've gotten here. We are having a "professional" come check it out next week. The last thing we need is to grow some nasty mold. I've heard that lots of people here are having this problem right now. No surprise there.
I read this book earlier in the week. I just love Carl Hiassen. He is a South Florida native and most of his books take place there. It's fun reading about places you know and this was no exception. It takes place in and around Everglades City where Jen & Jeremy lived for a year. Trust me when I tell you this place is SMALL. I did find one small error in the book though ~ He talks about one of the characters in the book slapping down his soon-to-be ex wife's credit card to buy a drink at the Rod & Gun Club and I happen to know (from experience) that they don't take credit cards. It's cash or check only! I may just have to write him and point this out. But honestly, if you like seriously funny and deranged characters, you'll love all of Carl Hiaasen's books.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Glad the water is receeding but ICK!

Sandra said...

ICK is right, lol!! The purse is cute, tho!!

jillytacy said...

Poor fishies! I'm glad the water is receding and everything was fine! The purse is so cute! I need to check out that magazine sometime. Of course I need to finish a bunch of other projects first!