Sunday, August 17, 2008

A visitor or two

Richard's mom came up for a short visit today. We met at Cracker Barrel for blueberry pancakes (yum) and she took the kids to get a couple more school outfits which was fun (although Nathaniel really would have rather had a new video game). Spent the afternoon in the pool and then to the Italian Courtyard for dinner (HA Jen!)
We found this rather large and impressive guy in the bushes outside the house ~
Not sure what kind of spider it is but I'm staying the hell away from it! Kudos to Richard for the amazing picture though ~ mine came out all blurry.

*update: I did a bit of research and this is a female argiopes spider. It is not poisonous ~ although a bite could cause an allergic reaction. It is also not aggresive and is helpful in keeping insects under control so I think we'll let it stay.


Monnik said...


(but it's a great picture!)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

ewww scary!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Fl. and plan on getting back to your neck of the woods soon. Miss it so much. But I think it is referred to as a banana spider. All I know is that those suckers are huge! Very nice picture of it though.

jillytacy said...

It's a lovely photo! But the spider is definitely freaky and I'd stay away from it too! At least he's outdoors and not inside your house!!!