Monday, August 18, 2008

First day of school

So today was the first day of school for all my kidlets. Nate started 6th grade,DSC03584 Julz started 4th grade DSC03579and Jen started her PHD. How cool is that. I don't have any first day of school pics of Jen because I didn't get to see her off ~ but considering it was 5:30 in the am she probably would have thrown something at me had I tried to take a pic. The other two did just fine ~ although they did get a bit cranky when I wouldn't stop taking their picture. DSC03578 They both woke up before the alarm and were already dressed by the time I got up. Nate had instructions to ride with his sister until/unless she rode in with someone else. One of the other girls on the block showed up just as they were leaving and he left her in the dust! We did drive up to the school for the first morning to bring in all the big bulky stuff (tissues, disinfectant wipes, baggies, etc) so they didn't have to tote it all on their bikes.
They both said they had good days, made a couple of friends and both like their teachers ~ Alleluia! They both had a bit of homework. Julianne had to make a "me" bag and had fun cutting up magazines and using stickers to make this.DSC03595
Nate had to make a Venn diagram ~ comparing and contrasting two family members. He chose his two sisters which was quite interesting. You can read about Jen's first day at school on her blog here.
Last night was also the first night for soccer practice. DSC03589 Boy did his coach wear out those kids. I think I'm gonna like this. Richard, Julianne & I all went and watched. I brought a blanket for us to sit on and it was a beautiful night. Nice and cool with a great breeze. DSC03590 I'm not sure why she was making that face, and no we didn't purposely dress alike. We didn't realize it until we were already at the field.
Of course, school has been canceled for tomorrow which seems complete overkill. Yes, there is a tropical storm heading our way but I really doubt it'll be much of anything and especially not much until at least tomorrow night. The kids think it's great but they don't realize they'll have to give up another day to make it up!
Me, I spent my first day of freedom making myself a new screen bag. DSC03585 I mean, I really can't show up at soccer games with my baseball purse! I did add a new feature ~DSC03588 a screen pocket on the inside for my cell phone cause I can never find the darn thing until after it stops ringing ~ oh and a new wallet too!


jillytacy said...

I love the matching shirts and the new screen purse. I agree a cell phone pocket is a must. Mine always falls to the bottom of my purse.
I'm glad everyone had a good first day of school! Tomorrow is my first day back at school.

Sandra said...

Great pictures (love the matching tops!), love the new screen bag, and STAY SAFE!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Love the purse! Gotta love when the kids go back to school.

jillquilts said...

I love the new bag! Very cool!!!

Monnik said...

Looks like they had a nice first day! Are they at the same school since you moved?

Love the pictures, and the new bag is very cute!