Saturday, March 22, 2008

Was it a good friday?

Seriously, for being "Good Friday" it was really pretty uneventful. Richard had to work. I sewed (and sewed and sewed) and the kids pretty much just took the day off ~ they read, played video games etc.
Today Richard had to work AGAIN so we (Nate and I) packed a lunch for everyone and went and met Richard at his office ~ well, outside his office actually. It was a nice day out and he works right on the water and they have picnic benches so why not take advantage of it. Here's the kids exploring the water front DSC02542
And here's my honey ~ see the parking lot actually ends at the waterfront! DSC02540
We walked over to a nearby doc and just as I'm about to step back onto the parking lot a dolphin surfaced right under me ~ I about jumped out of my skin. Now, I know they are around there but I really didn't expect him that close. I really could have reached down and touched him. The kids ran over to the retainer wall and he came up pretty close a couple of times to check us out. Not only wasn't I quick enough to get a photo, I managed to drop my camera case in the water! Fortunately my camera wasn't in it. Here are my boys fishing it out for me. DSC02544 I was sorta hoping the dolphin would pull a "Flipper" and come and get it for us and hand it right to me but that didn't happen.
Saturday night we colored Easter Eggs. We each did 3. The kids wanted to do more but really, what do you do with dozens of eggs?DSC02559
Buggy has decided to let his hair grow out ~ isn't he too cute? DSCN0500
And Julz is ... well... she's Julz ~ nuff said! DSC02557
Well it's off to bed for now... Big day tomorrow. So, How was your day?

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