Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another good Saturday under our belt

The very best part of today was that Richard DID NOT have to go into work, he didn't have to work from home, he didn't even have to think about work! I made pillsbury cinnamon rolls with orange creme on top for breakfast (very yummy) and then we drove around and looked at a few rentals. Called on one of the houses and talked to someone in the property management dept. Told her we were looking for at least 4/2 but it must have a pool and we'd like to stay in the same school district. She said she'd email me some listings in our price range and email me she did except only one was in our school district and not even half had a pool. Some people just don't listen to the details. I was looking for some football fabric at the shop the other day and a woman came up and asked if she could help me with something. Now I was standing right in front of all the sports related fabric and I said "I was looking for football fabric but I don't see any." So she said "we have some great golf fabric." "No thanks, I really need football fabric." "Well, how about this basketball fabric?" No, really I just need football fabric." "There's a nice tennis fabric." "WHAT THE HELL DON'T YOU GET ~ I NEED FOOTBALL FABRIC!!!!" Well I actually didn't say that but I sure wanted to and then I couldn't get away from her. I ended up ordering the football fabric from Scrap & Sew in Tampa. She had just what I needed and is mailing it to me pronto. It's for the class quilt ~ I'm telling ya'll ~ this quilt will be the death of me!

Anyway ~ where was I? Oh yeah, good Saturday. We saw some great houses so we shouldn't have too much trouble finding what we want when it's time to move. We also came across this family of sand hill cranes DSC02439 and if you'll look very closely you'll see they have a very little baby chick with them. DSC02439C How cute is that? And speaking of cute, here is Julianne being a goober and wearing her jacket backwards to keep her face warm DSC02438
When we got home Nathaniel's friend Jacob came over for a sleepover. He's in Nate's class and a really good kid.DSC02440 For some reason he's being a bit camera shy today.
We straightened out a bunch of the boxes in the garage and repacked a few that still have not been unpacked since our move from Raleigh. It was like Christmas all over again. DSC02445 We came across these needlepoint pieces I did waaay before quilting took over my life and before we adopted the two little monsters ~ err I meant angels. I think they look good hanging up in our room.
Julianne is spending the night at her friend Ashley's house. Hopefully this time they will actually sleep. Last time she got about a half an hour of sleep and ended up sleeping the entire Sunday which, of course, threw her sleep schedule completely off.
It was a beautiful day out today. Kinda chilly and very very windy. These are the trees across the street from us. DSC02436 I didn't get any sewing done today but hopefully tomorrow I will. Of course Richard will be home again ~ not sure what to do with him home two days in a row.
Oh, I also chatted on line with Justin ~ for those of you who don't know he was one of Jen's "friends" back in Raleigh. They have known each other since middle school ~ and was a regular visitor at our house for years. They've managed to keep in touch all this time although I think I now speak with him more than she does. ~ he's now married and he and his wife are in the military stationed in Korea. It was a nice end to a good day. So, How was your day?

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