Monday, March 3, 2008

My shopping list for today

Small Silver Star Sequins; Teeniest white/beige pom poms
white floral tape; 1 sheet of template plastic
snowflake buttons or embellishments
leaf shape buttons; multi colored sequins
pastel ric rac; sunglasses button
black ric rac; green and pink gel paint
small football fat quarter
snowflake or snowmen fat quarter
prisma colored pencils in sienna brown, two pinks and three blues

So that was my quest I was on today ~ most all of it for the calendar quilt I am making for the school. Although a few of the items are for my "mystery project." Shall I tell you which ones? Okay ~ that'll be my clue for today instead of a picture. It's the white florist tape, the sheet of template plastic, the pom poms and the prisma pens. Any help at all?
I actually got everything on my list except the football fabric. Now I know I've seen it in a bunch of places recently but damned if I can find it now. I must've seen in when I was in Tampa the other week so I guess tomorrow I'll call around over there and see if I can find it.
Spent the rest of my day working on THIS ONE BLOCK! DSC02425 I'm learning a lot from these calendar quilt blocks. The first thing I've learned is that I should have outlined the shapes BEFORE getting the handprints. She doesn't say it in the book but it would have been a good idea so that I could make doubly sure that the hand prints and the signatures are in the appropriate places. I did the best I could to make these three hand prints look like a shamrock. What took so long was that I did the outlining by hand. It's 2 strands of gold candlelight metallic yarn and two stands of green metallic madera thread. This block is, of course, March so 3 down 9 more to go. Julianne says I HAVE TO do her block next. Her hand print will make a flamingo!
We got new neighbors today. They moved into the green house down one and across the street (next door to the people who tried to sue us). The woman seemed very nice and it was everything I could do NOT to warn her to stay away from the neighbors! Hopefully since her kids are almost grown and homeschooled they will be alright. I sure hope so. Well I think I will go veg for now ~ maybe watch a little tv before getting to bed. Did anyone see GH today ~ so happy that Jason (yummy) saved Elizabeth. Taking any bets on whether Sam makes it out alive? And now that Patrick knows he's the father of Robin's baby, will they finally get back together?
So, How was your day?

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