Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is it Sunday night already?

Seriously, this weekend blew by. I'm sure for Richard (who had to work again today) it's been a very long weekend. Julianne had her friend Sara over today. DSC02424 They spent most of their time on the computer on the "Webkins" site. They are both such girlie girls. Note that Sara is still wearing her pink Hannah Montana hair from Julianne's party last weekend. She's also work it to school all week. I'm sure the teacher is loving me right now!
I did do a bit of sewing today. I worked on the quilt for Julianne's class that will be auctioned off at Quest Fest in April. In case you don't remember I used the kids handprints to make blocks each representing a month of the year (some blocks had more than one child's hand on it). Here are two of the blocks I've done so far. DSC02423 DSC02422
2 down, 10 more to go. I'm actually quilting each block individually with the batting but no backing. Once I've assembled all the blocks I will put a proper backing on it and then grid quilt it once again. It really won't need much more than that since it's meant to be a wall hanging and hopefully won't be washed. I'll keep you updated as I do more.
Well that was my day ~ So, how was your day?
Oh and here's today's picture of my mystery project in progress. DSC02391

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Monnik said...

hehe, that picture looks like a middle finger sticking up from a hand.

Or maybe it just looks that way to me because I am having that kind of a day!