Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is it that time again?

Time to get ready for another week. Today was another productive day though. Today Nathaniel and I (with some technical help from dad) worked on his book report that is due on Thursday. He has to make a scrapbook complete with letters, journal entries, photos and mementos from the main characters perspective. His book was from a young girl's POV. It takes place as she moves to Hawaii in November of 1941 and the insanity of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Here are a couple of his pages.
The actual book DSC02503
His "journal" cover DSC02504
We made a japanese flag (of sorts) and then burned it around the edges. He journaled about how he found this in the wreckage of one of the japanese fighter planes. (and no Jen I didn't set the kitchen on fire again!) DSC02506
Okay this one was all his idea ~ it's supposed to be a bloody bandage because she helped out with the wounded soldiers at the hospital. First we dragged the bandage thru the ashes left over from burning an incense stick and then dropped a few drops of red food coloring on it and rubbed it in. I have to say it looked a little too realistic for me. Sorry about the glare! DSC02508
Julianne was also productive today. She wanted to sew and made herself this Wonder Wallet (A Lazy Girl Design) and a tissue cover using some Pink Panther fabric. I think she did a fabulous job, don't you? DSC02502
She also worked on her March book report. She has to make up a story all on her own (well with a little help from me). Her story is about a girl and a talking monkey in seach of a magic pistachio tree. Considering we were munching on a bag of pistachios at the time, I wonder where she got the idea?
This morning we did see another family of Sandhill Cranes with a little chick in tow. We, of course, had to stop to see if we could get a few pics. DSC02495C
Well I did get a bit of sewing done today but not much as Richard had to work part of the day but I think it was a productive day non the less. So, How was your day?

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Amy said...

I found your blog from "Because I Said So".
I just wanted to say that your son's book report project is awesome. So creative!
I am a homeschool mom,so I appreciate how much work goes into projects like that!
Well done.
Take care,