Monday, March 10, 2008

I hate to see the weekend end

So Saturday night Julianne spent the night with her friends Ashley and Devon from school. We picked her up at noon on Sunday and went out to look at a few more neighborhoods. She didn't last 5 minutes in the car before she was snoring (Loudly).DSC02465
We saw some nice houses and a peregrine falcon decorating this one.DSC02463c We all love seeing stuff like this.
And Sunday night I was able to snap this photo...DSC02471 Just when you think they are too grown up ~ We came across his Tigger when we were going thru some boxes in the garage. It's been packed since Raleigh and it's actually not "his" tigger. He stole it from Angie's room when he was 14 months old ~ the first time we took him to see her. He has been crazy about tigger since he was a baby only to find out Angie is a tigger fanatic herself. She gladly gave this big one up for "our" boy! He was very happy to have this back and oh, that purple little crochet blanket is one that I made him before he was born and he recently saw a picture of himself in his bassinet with it and went and took it out of his sister's room. She squirrels away any blankets she can get her hands on. She probably has 10 quilts/afghans etc in her room. Angie ~ this pic is for you!
So, how was your day?


Jennifer said...

Awww! What cuties! I can't wait to see them! Nathaniel looks so tall in the kite picture, though! I can't believe it!

Debbielou said...

Fantastic photos again Barb !