Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a really good day today. The best I can remember in a long time. The kids slept in since we stayed up so late last night. Richard and I made up "clues" for them (12 each) rhyming no less ~ and sent them in search of their Easter baskets. Here's Julianne finding a "clue" under my Flamingo snow globe DSC02564
And Nate reading a clue he found under the wine bottles (classy, huh?). DSC02563
We literally sent them all over the house (even into the garage). They had a blast doing this hunt and really enjoyed the fruits of their labor. DSC02569 DSC02567C
Later that day they put on their new suits and we headed out for the beach. Nathaniel has made some kind of amazing discovery DSC02573
The water was just too cold for Julz so she opted for playing in the sand DSC02572
Here's Richard just Chilaxing at the beach. I haven't seen him smile like this in ages. DSC02571
Here he is digging in the sand with his baby girl (can you spot Buggy in the water?)
After this we got some great pizza then stopped for shaved ice before coming home. By the time we got home it was really too late to start cooking a big easter dinner (awww!) and we were still full from pizza and ice so we've decided to cook the ham tomorrow! We did end up heating up some leftovers around 7:30 while we watched Spiderman 3. All in all a great day and one I'm sure we'll all remember! So, how was your day?

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Monnik said...

I bought Valerie (Bumblebee) that same exact swimsuit! The green camouflage looking one with pink piping. So cute!!

Looks like you had a great Easter!