Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sadie gets a haircut

My last day of freedom before the three day weekend and how do I spend it? Getting blood work done (routine stuff) and taking the dog to the groomers. I did do a bit of shopping today though. Got a dress for Jen & Jeremy's graduation ceremony in August. Got Nathaniel, Julianne and I new shoes and got their Easter basket stuff. I decided to go with minimal candy this year. I'm really trying to cut down on the amount of sugar consumed in this house. This year they each got a new bathing suit, she got some hair clips and little pet shop animals. He got some Pokemon cards and a rubic's challenge cube. I used the easter grass that you are supposed to be able to eat and instead of traditional baskets I got her a "high school musical" canvas bag and he got a camouflage type bucket. Here is Sadie after her hair cut with her new nylabone. She's not sure if she likes it or not. DSC02536 I think I need to find a new groomer though. I dropped her off at 11:30 and asked when I should pick her up. They told me it would be about 3 hours. I said great I'll pick her up after I pick up the kids at 2:30. Well the kids were hungry when I picked them up so we went to Steak & Shake. Here's Julz modeling S&S's finest wear.

And here's what happens when this guy...

Eats these...

Now you'd think since he's tried them before, he'd know better but hey, he's 10 and besides it makes for great photos for me.
Anyway.. back to the groomers.... I arrive back at the groomers a bit after 3:30 hoping they are not upset that I am late and I'm told (not nicely either) "She's not ready yet." "Really? They told me 2:30." "Well it's a 4 hour window." "Well, it's been over 4 hours!" "Well, she's not done so we'll call you when she's ready and you can come back." "Could you at least give me an idea of when she'll be ready so I know whether to drive all the way home just in time for you to call and make me drive all the way back or if I should just do some shopping nearby." It'll be at least a half an hour." Now, if they had just been nice about the whole thing rather than make me feel like I've done something wrong it wouldn't have been so bad. If they had just said, "I'm sorry" we are running a bit late. But no ~ the girl was really really snippy with me. Anyhow... we decided to go a few doors down and get some new shoes for the gang. Nathaniel got some cool new sneakers and I got some strappy white sandals and Julz got some white flip flop type sandals. All in all a good shopping trip.
Well, Sadie finally got done at the groomers and was very happy to see us. She was especially happy to see Richard when he got home. She pinned him down and tried to give him kisses! She's such a spoiled dog!DSC02539

So, How was your day?

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