Saturday, March 29, 2008

So long Peggie

Today I traveled over to Tampa to say good-bye to a wonderful person and great friend, Peggie. She leaves Sunday for Germany. She will be there anywhere from 3 to 5 years after which she plans on returning to the states somewhere closer to Arizona where her parents live. I really will miss her.
This is our great sewing group. From left to right is Gail, MaryCatherine, Peg, Prudence, Deb and Yours Truly. We had a wonderful lunch at Mimi's Cafe in Carrollwood. I brought everyone these cool pouches I made yesterday. DSC02592 I think they really liked them. Julianne had already taken the pink heart one and no one was more surprised than me to have Richard ask for one. He wanted it to keep the cables in his backpack neatly contained. I made him one a bit less "girly."
After leaving the luncheon, Deb and I went over to Heritage Quilts to get some fabric for a quilt she is making for her brother and soon-to-be SIL. How much fun is that ~ picking out fabric and not having to pay for it! She may come over in a couple of weeks to work on it. I promised to help her with the layout ~ I love doing stuff like that ~ especially with friends.
Once that was done, I headed east to Winter Park (just NE of Orlando) to see Jen: she was in town for the birth of her newest cousin. My ex SIL Valerie had a baby girl on Friday. I stopped on the way and got some diapers, travel wipes etc and put them in the little froggie pouch as a gift for the new little one (along with a little pink onesie I just couldn't resist).
I really loved getting to visit with Jen, and it makes me even more anxious to go up to Alabama to see her in a couple of weeks.

Well, that was my day. So, how was yours?

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Monnik said...

those pouches are so cool. you are so creative!!!

Hope your friend has a fabulous time in Germany. What an experience for her! And congrats to your ex SIL.