Saturday, March 8, 2008

I have finished two more of the blocks for Julianne's class quilt. DSC02433 DSC02430 Only 7 more to go. I am concerned though. They've changed the way they are doing the auction and because this quilt is very specific to Julianne's class, I'm afraid it won't make as much money as it should (or even what I've put into it). I mean the only people who will bid on it will be the parents from Julianne's class. In years before it was a silent auction of sorts. You had a sheet of paper with a starting bid and people would come and place their bid on the next line. The next person would come along and place a higher bid, etc. until the end of the evening when the highest bidder would "win." That could have brought in some good money for this quilt but this year they are selling "chances" on the baskets. You buy 25 tickets for $10 and you can put your 25 tickets (separately) into whichever baskets you want to win. Even if all 20 of Julianne's classmates each put all 25 tickets into this quilt it would only earn $200. I guess the big deal for me is that in the past I've done auction quilts that have sold for $3000 and $5000 (not that I saw the money ~ I was payed a resonable flat fee for my services) and mind you it was for a very expensive private school in Tampa so I really don't expect this to come anywhere near that but $200 doesn't even cover my expense and time. I am enjoying doing this though and whatever money is raised goes right back into the school so that is good but... There is some talk about holding the quilt back from Quest Fest and auctioning it off privately through our classroom at another time. I guess we'll see. I need to meet with the teacher and the principal on this one.
On a cuter note, here is Julianne fooling around with the left over scraps from the quilt.DSC02428 She'd make a great indian princess, doncha think?
Last night the hublet and I got a babysitter (the infamous Miley) and actually went to dinner by ourselves! We went to "Oh yes, Sushi" and no, I haven't lost my mind. I got teriyaki beef. Richard's sushi was very pretty though. Afterwards we went over to "The Avenues" which is our very pretty outdoor mall and walked around a bit. We got Nathaniel the next book in the "Gregor the Overlander" series. He's just devouring these books. I'm so happy that he's finally figured out that reading can be fun. We can't keep him in enough books these days. I got a quilting magazine ~ shocked, I know. It wasn't the one I went in for but it had three really cute bags. One was a drawstring little bag, one was a backpack and the other was a type of envelope bag. They all looked too cute to pass up. Watch for samples coming soon!
Well that was my day ~ So, How was your day?


Debbielou said...

Beautiful work - you are very clever!

jillytacy said...

I read that you love flamingos so I had to check out your blog. My little Nature girl is a flamingo lover too! She loves the flamingo hand print in this post so we're making plans to try it this week. Thanks for the great idea!