Saturday, March 1, 2008

An almost perfect Saturday

The only thing that would have made it better would have been for Richard to have not had to go into work. Basically we all slept in. Nathaniel ended up in our bed at some point, crowding Richard out so he went into Nathaniel's room to sleep and was at some other point joined by Julianne. How cute are they?DSC02386
Anyway.. once everyone got up and rolling.. Richard went to work (awww!). Nathaniel got his room cleaned up ~ well we though it was clean last night till I went in today and realized EVERYTHING was shoved under his bed! Once that was done, I started sewing and got 4 placemats done DSCN0484 Nathaniel had his friend Brian over which meant he didn't fight with his sister all day! DSC02388 and Julianne was very happy to watch Disney most of the day!
Brian ended up staying for dinner and Richard got home in time for dinner too. After Brian left we had a quiet evening. I continued to sew and Nathaniel & Julianne read while Daddy played on the computer and listened to music. DSC02419 Julianne is reading one of my favorite books. It's called "Jeremy" by Jan Karon. She is one of my favorite adult authors who has also written a few childrens books. She wrote the Mitford series which I highly recommend. I've gotten to meet her and she's truly a nice person ~ and funny too.
Nathaniel is reading this book DSC02420 Actually he finished it tonight and wants to get the next installment ASAP. It's taken some doing but he's finally learned to enjoy reading. I couldn't be happier.
And finally ~ here's the next picture to see if you can figure out what I am making.
Any thoughts? So, How was your day?

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Anonymous said...

Ok, what ARE you making? I have seen a couple pics but am still lost. Considering your talents and creativity I may never be able to guess!! Good luck hope your 'secret' project is coming along well, Love you all bunches, ANGIE