Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is the week of the dreaded FCATS at the kids school. Actually they don't mind them at all. Two 40 minute tests per day and the rest of the day is spent at recess, lunch or just goofing off! Nate's class started off the week with a "Kite and Bubbles" day. It was chaotic but fun.DSC02474
He did really well with his kite once I realized I had screwed up and attached the string in the wrong place. I spent most of the time helping kids untangle their kites. Here's "the boy" with friends Jacob and Brian
And I really liked this picture of his kite (pokemon) against the beautiful blue sky.
The kids have been my "guest" chefs this week. DSC02483On Tuesday Julianne made (under my close supervision) some yummy egg salad ~ served here with asparagus, tomatoes and cucumbers on the sideDSC02484
We continue the search for a new house to live in when our lease is up here. The neighborhood craziness continues and we try to stay out of the way. This week the fight between our next door neighbor and another woman down the street escalated with the next door neighbor pulling up in front of the other woman's house, rolling down the window and calling her a bitch in front of her son and mine ~ giving her "the finger" and then speeding off. I'm thinking this new feud is stemming from some nasty stuff written on the wooden playground equipment at the park aimed at Nathaniel and the women down the street's son. It was written in chalk and I just went down and washed it off ~ the other mom had wished I had left it there so she could call the police on the girl who she thinks wrote it (the girl who's family tried to sue us). Me, I'll just be glad when I see this neighborhood in the rear view mirror of the moving van. We are probably gonna go look at a house in Cocoa Beach this weekend. It's a 4/3 with a pool. I hate to change the kids school again but it looks like a great house and we'll definitely keep looking in this area too but I like to keep my options open.
DSC02487And here is my new best friend who's helping me thru it all ~ it doesn't get much better than this! So, How was your day?

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Debbielou said...

My son has just completed his mock SATS ( stressful time !)

I used to love flying kites when I was a child - a great way to while away the hours and dream away !!