Saturday, September 6, 2008

Man was it hot!

Today was Nathaniel's first soccer game... it was at 1:00 at the park and Man, was it hot! I really don't know why they couldn't have scheduled the game for earlier especially since no one else was using that particular field all day! This is how Julianne spent her time ~ wilting under her umbrella and yes, she has a cell phone. It was her reward for getting strait A's on her last report card. She has very limited use of it though. DSC03686
We have a large enough team (15) that our coach regularly changed out the kids so they could all drink plenty of fluids and take breaks. He is lucky #7 and this is the only girl on the team. She's a force to be dealt with though. DSC03683C
I think Richard took this picture.. DSC03690 The good news is that they won 5 to 2. We came home and immediately jumped into the pool for most of the rest of the afternoon.
I did manage to get a nasty sunburn ~ you'd think I'd know better and thankfully there is no picture to show you here.. trust me, you don't want to see it!

Nate did manage to find some more creature friends.. DSC03679 The one upside down is actually a skink. The other is a run of the mill lizard ~ but boy was he feisty. He kept biting DSC03680 Luckily it doesn't really hurt when they bite.

Also need to send out a big ol' happy birthday to my great niece, Allyson and my B-I-L, Dick. Happy birthday guys!


jillytacy said...

You have the most interesting wildlife! Of course I'm glad those things live in Florida and not in NH!

Miss Healthypants said...

I'm so jealous that you guys have so many lizards down there! How fun! :)