Monday, September 22, 2008

Little girls with big balls

Okay so that was a little crude but seriously... children these days think they can just tell adults what to do and we'll listen. Maybe their parents do, but I certainly don't. This weekend Julianne went to two sleep over birthday parties. She called me from the first one to ask if I could drive one of her friends that was going to the second party as well. That was not the problem... the incident happened as I was driving the girls to the second party and casually asked if the first birthday girl liked her gift (it was the hot pink hearts purse set). Julianne replied, "yes, she really really liked it." (1 point for mom) but the girl that we were transporting chimed in with "Oh, and you need to make me one too." Now, I would have preferred something more along the lines of "I would really like one of those too, could you please make me one." I played nice and said "So when is your birthday," implying that this is not something I do for everyone just because. "Um, well my birthday was a couple of weeks ago and um, well I wanted to invite Julianne but my mom wouldn't let me because um, the party was across the street and um, she didn't know Julianne and um, I really wanted to invite her but my parents forbid it."
"But you really have to make me one ~ seriously ~ I'm not kidding."
UM ~ NO!
Now, do I really believe her parents FORBID her to invite Julianne ~ no! I've met her dad. He's a sweetheart. She didn't invite Julianne because they go to different schools and even when they went to the same schools, they weren't the closest of friends and she just didn't think to invite her. That's okay with me. She gets invited to enough parties and has enough friends that this is not an issue but DO NOT then tell me that I HAVE TO make you a purse. I'm glad she liked it and all (this does tell me I'm on to something good with these as gifts) but this went on the entire ride to the second party and never once was the word "please" uttered.
Anyway... off that rant (for now).
Nathaniel's soccer game was a good one. We won 2 ~ 1. The other team was really good and I was really worried but we pulled if off again. And again it was a scorcher out... so much for it being fall!
I love this action shot ~ DSC03753C
And here's a victory body slam after our first goal DSC03757c And finally here's our Nate really moving with the ball while the other team is right on his tail. DSC03762c They all played a great game.
Poor Jen... I was on the phone with her, which I forgot when they scored their first goal and I started yelling and cheering right into her ear ~ so sorry sweetie!

Saturday night we grilled shrimp and zucchini which was really yummy and toasted Angie and hoped that her mom and friends were doing alright. They were all going up to a cabin in Pigeon Forge to be together. I hope they know we were thinking about them.
We finally got Julianne home on Sunday afternoon and we all jumped in the pool for a while. Richard and Nathaniel did a great job washing the windows and sliding glass doors while Julianne and I made a roast with veggies ~ all in all, a good day.


Regina said...

Please goes a long way here, too - and no please can derail a request in nothing flat, even if it was something I planned to do anyway. Wow.

Sandra said...

Hopefully Miss Bossy learned a valuable lesson - you don't get everything you want, and manners DO go a long way!

Monnik said...

I am so amazed at the manners of kids these days.

I was at Wal-Mart last weekend, and my daughter asked the clerk if she could please leave out her toy (instead of putting it away in the bags).

The clerk looked at me with surprise and said, "She's so polite! Most kids don't say 'please' to me..."

How sad is that?

jillytacy said...

Manners are so important! Most kids really don't use them anymore! My big kids at school are terrible, you give them a treat and they don't say thank you, they say "Can I have two?" It drives me crazy!!!!

Miss Healthypants said...

The nerve of that kid!

There's no way I'd make her a purse now, even if it her birthday WAS coming up! *grin*

upstateLisa said...

Big balls indeed! How do kids get off talking like this to adults or anyone!?

Buck said...

If that had been MY kid, she would have been in her room writing an apology letter for a couple of hours.

You are such a great mom!