Friday, September 5, 2008

Is anyone still there?

Gosh I can't believe another week has come and gone. Not to make excuses but I've been dealing with some family issues. Rich and the kids (both big and small) are fine ~ but it has had me very distracted and a bit depressed. It is not, however, my story to tell and I'll leave it there.
This week I had a meeting at the Quilt shop and worked on some placemats for a class which will showcase the Bernina circular sewing attachment (pics to come once they are finished). I also turned in a cute little attic window wall hanging that I totally forgot to take pictures of! I will probably be making one for myself as well because it was a pretty quick project. I also met with the rest of the PTO and the Principal and Vice Principal today to go over the calendar and plan out some activities. I've got to go over to the local pizza joint to convince them to let us do a fund raiser there... only problem is that the crazy ex neighbor that tried (unsuccesfully) to sue us works there. I look like a stalker driving thru the parking lot to see if her car is there or not!
I have quite a few birthday shout outs for today as well..
Wednesday was my Aunt Dee's birthday DSC00150.JPG
And Saturday will be my brother in law, Dick and my great niece Allyson's birthday. Happy Birthday Everyone!! I wish you all the best.

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