Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time to give it up

Time to give it up ~ your blood that is. January is National Blood Donor Month and I just came from from this site...

MaNiC MoMMy - GiVeR oF LiFe, WRiTeR oF WoRDS, LoViNG SPouSe. eNouGH? aPPaReNTLY NoT!: I Donate Blood - Will You? CONTEST!

Give it a look over. I know it gave me the inspiration I needed so I looked up a place to go and here's me ~ giving blood for the first time in waaay to many years. DSC02199

Seriously it's a great blog ~ very entertaining. Please check it out and think about giving some blood this month. You will save a life and if you post proof of giving blood on the web site mentioned she's doing some cool give aways. Good luck and so, how was your day?


Manic Mom said...


Jennifer said...

That's great! I'm proud of you! I wish I could give blood, but the last two times I did, I blacked out! I tried to give platelets twice, too, which are even more needed. But I got so queasy they had to stop it. Stinks, because it's something free that you can do to help others. I applaud all those who can and do!

Tanya said...

Congrats on being the first to donate.


onthegomom said...

I came from Manic's blog and wanted to say congratulations on your blood donation. I am still trying to work up to it and bypass my needle adversion. Your picture was inspiring but that needle made me woozy... must remember to breathe!

Then I come over and WOW you are have a contest! What luck. Your coasters are BEAUTIFUL!

Barb said...

to "onthegomom" ~ I promise it didn't hurt a bit and I really didn't even look at the needle until I saw it in the picture. Thanks for the compliment on the coasters. I will announce a winner on Monday! Hugs