Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm still here....

I know it's been a while since I posted but with Richard out of town, I've sure had my hands full. He left Monday evening and Tuesday all hell broke loose. Tuesday's mail started it all. I heard the mailman (well, mail woman) coming down the street and asked Nathaniel to go outside to get the mail. He comes back and tells me the mailperson says I "have to" come outside. Being the obedient person I am (ha!) I go outside only to find that I have a certified letter to sign and she was too lazy to bring it up to the door. I mean, isn't that her job? To add insult to injury it's a letter from a lawyer telling me we're being sued!!! Long story here but it's a bogus attempt to get money from our non existent home owner's policy. Needless to say I was freaking out for a few days there but looks like it may just "go away" thanks to some advice from another attorney. I'll keep you posted. Wednesday found me keeping the kids out of school and driving to South Florida to take care of some personal stuff. We got home a little after 9:00 so by the time they got fed, bathed etc. they got to bed very late. Thursday was a bit of a wash for me. I did get some sewing done to get my mind off things but not much else. Friday was a bummer too. Richard was supposed to come home but is now coming home today. We have to leave to pick him up at the airport in Orlando in a couple of hours ~ but we are gonna head over to Universal Studios for a few hours before coming home. Gotta use up those annual passes before they expire next month. Unfortunately he'll be flying back to Houston on Monday... so another week starts again. I will get him to upload some pictures tonight so my next post should be a bit more colorful. Well I'm off to go dry my hair. So, how was your day.

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