Friday, January 11, 2008

My son has a date!

Okay so even I think 10 is a big young for a date but it is pretty harmless. We will first go over to this girls house to meet her parents and then Rich, Julz and I will accompany them to the movies. Nate has requested that we sit in front of them rather than in back of them so he doesn't feel like we are watching him the whole time. I'm wondering how I will NOT turn around ~ fortunately I have Julz for that and for those of you who know his little sister, she is a tattler from the word GO ~ so I'll be informed. We are going to see "National Treasure" so that'll be a fun albeit long movie and maybe some ice cream after. I would love your thoughts on this "date". Do you think he's too young or do you believe as I do that it's pretty innocent at this point. I don't think I'm being naive. I know my son pretty well and I do know this girl from his class. They are both good kids. They are at the age where they are trying to figure out what this whole boy/girl thing is about and that's okay as long as it moves very very very slowly. I'd rather be on their side so that they will continue to talk with me about it rather than banning it and having them try to work something out on the sly. DSCN0266CSo here they are slick boy and nice girl. Good thing my son doesn't read my blog ~ He'd be furious! So, How was your day?


Monnik said...

I think it's more of a 'playdate' than a 'date'. My oldest daughter (who is 14 now) started going to movies with boys and in groups around age 11 or so. I always made sure we had a parent from one of the kids present. They had fun and so far it's been just fine.

Your son is adorable. No wonder he's 'dating' so soon! :)

Jennifer said...

Sounds innocent. I think it's sweet. Good luck with him in the future, though. He's going to be too handsome for his own good!