Monday, January 7, 2008

Looking towards Christmas 2008 already

So it's been a wild, crazy, fun & hectic holiday but alas it is time to move on ~ to next Christmas. I know you are thinking I'm nuts but I always want to make cool stuff for people for Christmas and yet at the 11th hour I abandon all thoughts of hand made gifts and hit the mall. This year I've joined a group called "25 weeks of Christmas" and the goal is to start making your gifts waaay ahead of time ~ like starting 25 weeks before Christmas and do 1 gift a week. Actually they have you begin now with small stuff like tissue covers, wonder wallets, coasters, etc. as kind of extra stuff to put in your "stash" and you can give these out all year as quickie birthday gifts etc. so that is my goal ~ wish me luck, I'll need it. Here's just a part of a gift I've started. It's the wallet & eye glass case. It'll eventually have a checkbook cover, mirror in a pocket , tissue cover and maybe even a purse. Let me know what you think ~ it could be for you!
Kids went back to school today PHEW! Jen and Jeremy and the puppers arrived safely home in Alabama. Sure was good to have them here though. I took Jen clothes and shoe shopping for her birthday and she got a couple of cute things and then we went to dinner at City Bistro , which I love. DSC02194Funny story ~ Jeremy had been suggesting to her that for her birthday dinner we go to the restaurant that he and Richard went to and she wasn't really keen on it but then I had also suggested the same restaurant as did Richard so Jen finally gave in and agreed to go. We all get there and she says "this really doesn't look like a biker bar?" WHAT???? She only remembered Jeremy telling her about the biker bar he and Richard accidentally ended up at after dinner and thought that's what we were all talking about and couldn't understand why we all wanted to go (and take the little kids) to a biker bar! She was very relieved that City Bistro was a really nice place to eat and we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Jen and I arrived a bit earlier than the rest of the gang (we went straight from our shopping trip) and sat at the bar and had Cosmopolitans. I have to tell you, it was one of the best I have ever had. Also enjoyed an appetizer of baked brie which was also delicious.
She and I also had a chance to work together on a project that I can't show you or talk about just yet, but lets just say I am one very proud mommie!
That was my couple of days. So, how was your day?

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Amy Jo said...

Barb~ thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Love the planning for 2008 and the wonder wallets - just got my pattern in the mail and just finished the first one. Love. them.