Monday, January 14, 2008

And the winner is....

Monnik! If you'll email me privately with your address I will get those coasters in the mail to you ASAP! I've been busy sewing today and feel I got a lot accomplished. I finally made a purse for my favorite outfit/dress. I love this dress because it is so comfy and I can just throw it on and I'm ready for anything except it has always "needed" it's own purse. I've had the pattern and the fabric sitting out for months just waiting and today was the day. How's it look? It also got it's own wonder wallet too.DSC02207
Now if I could only find more dresses like this one or maybe learn to make my own ~ the possibilities are endless.
I also made these wonder wallet/tissue covers. DSC02205 They are part of the 25 weeks of Christmas group I joined. The thing is, these probably won't last until then. I like giving stuff away too much. Oh well, still fun to make. I will probably make a purse to match these as well.
Oh, and here's a set I made the other day for Angie.. DSC02201Think she'll like them? The kids picked out the fabric. Hopefully she'll get them today.
Last but not least ~ Here's the most recent picture of our Sadie ~ DSCN0396 In the den, under the covers. Silly dog.
That was my day. So, How was your day?


Monnik said...

woohoo!!! I never win ANYTHING!!!


Monnik said...

you are way too talented. I'm so jealous.

You would just die because I hemmed my brown pants the other day with navy blue thread (it was all i had!) and you can actually see the little navy thread marks on the hem.