Saturday, January 26, 2008

Catching up...

To do some catching up with photos this time... Here is Nathaniel's completed (phew) science project. DSC02231 He got a "180 out of 200" which I think is not bad but boy did we have to pull it out of him. He procrastinated on every step of this project and got it in just in the nick of time. It's all about paper airplanes and how far different shapes will fly. I'm so glad that's done. I'm already dreading next year!
Here are my two monkey kids amusing themselves while we were in So Fla on Wed. They were eating those fruit by the foot thingees that have tattoo's on them. Goofy kids. DSC02240 DSC02241
DSC02246Here's what I was sewing on Thursday. It's a surprise for Jen... well I guess it's not much of a surprise now since she reads my blog on a daily basis. It should get to her on Wednesday. She's a big snoopy fan.
Richard arrived safe and sound today. We actually made it to Universal Studios (no black out dates now) and I will post some pics tomorrow hopefully. Tomorrow morning we will head to So Fla again to see my MIL who's a bit under the weather. In the mean time I need to go get Rich's laundry done so he can repack to leave again first thing Monday morning.
So, How was your day?


Jennifer said...

Awww! I love it!! Too cute, even if it does represent the "Black Day of Love!!"

Rebecca said...

Looks like a great trip!