Monday, January 21, 2008

My son the rocker

So Richard, Nathaniel & Julianne watched "School of Rock" last night and now Nathaniel has decided he wants an electric guitar but also wants to take lessons ~ which I guess is a good thing. He's actually pretty good at picking out tunes on Richard's guitar. Doesn't he just look like he was born to rock?DSCN0411
Hopefully he'll never be as disgusting as Jack Black. So, sorry. I just can't want to like him although I admit the part of the movie I saw had it's moments in spite of him.
Oh and here's Queen Sadie in her pink coat she got for Christmas. She really thinks she's "all that" when she wears it and it's actually been cold enough for her to wear it. DSC02224
I know I told you yesterday about my friends coming over for a visit. We also had this visitor yesterday and Richard snapped a picture. She was very translucent and glittery. DSCN0404
And one last picture.. Here's me and my baby girl ~ exhausted after a hard day of playing with my friends yesterday! DSCN0412 I think I am asleep with my eyes open here ~ creepy, huh? It's still a left over side effect from the bells palsy. There may not be too many pics here for a few days. Richard had to fly out to Houston this evening and he was my photo uploader and all around superman so I may have to get really descriptive on my blog! That was my day. So, how was your day?

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Monnik said...

I love the pic of you guys snuggling after a hard days' work. :)

My oldest plays the guitar. We made her learn the basics on the acoustic and then after a year's worth of lessons she got to move to an electric. She plays both quite well now.