Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nothing much is new...

Nothing much is new here which, I think, is a good thing. The lawsuit seems to be going away ~ but the neighbors are still here. Kids had no school yesterday so we mostly goofed off. I helped Julz with a school project ~ making a paper bag character from a book, part of a book report. We also went to the craft store and made a few purchases as Nate wants to make his "friend" a bracelet for her birthday on Sunday. I'll post pics when it's done ~ but how cute is that. He also bought her a beanie baby and he wants to put the bracelet on its neck and give it to her. Speaking of Nate ~ Here he is with his friend Nick on their rip sticks. In case you don't know what a rip stick is, it's like a skateboard but the two ends move independently. If it weren't for the fact that I'd kill myself on it, it would be a great exercise as you have to kind of shimmy to move on it. My boy's a natural on it though. And doesn't he just look too cool!

I haven't gotten much sewing done but plan on remedying that today. I made spinach lasagna rolls for dinner last night, inspired by my Jennifer and they turned out really well. I served them with a spinich salad so my kids definitely have their iron for the day. I actually made a double batch and froze half so when my friend Ann comes next week for a visit, that'll be one night I really won't have to cook ~ I can just pop those babies in the oven for a quick and yummy dinner. I also set up a night when I have the babysitter coming so us adults can have a nice dinner to ourselves. I think we will go to "City Bistro" cause it's my current favorite, especially since R.J. Gators did away with their pineapple mango salsa ~ the nerve of them!
Well I've bored you enough for now... off to get my shower and start the day! So, How was your day?

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Jennifer said...

Glad you enjoyed the spinach rolls! I haven't made them in awhile. Need to work them back into the dinner rotation!

Nathaniel is too cool!