Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just too much fun

I had so much fun today that I was a total blog-slacker. My quilting gal pals from Tampa drove over to spend the day with me sewing, chatting, eating, just generally having a good ol time and I planned on blogging to the world about it. Problem was, we were having such a good time together that I completely forgot to take pictures. Well I took two. DSC02225 This is Peg, "Dear" Prudence and Deb sitting at my newly skirted tables. DSC02226 And here we have Gail and Mary Catherine at the dinning room table. We were all doing serger projects and Mary Catherine is our serger "queen" in that she knows more than most of us together know about sergers. They made great time in getting here ~ It was a race for me to get out of the shower and dressed before they arrived. Once here and all the equipment brought in (and there is TONS of that) the subject quickly became lunch. Richard was our hero and ordered us all Chinese take out and even went and picked it up for us before he and the kids headed out to his office. While we were waiting for our lunch to arrive we warmed the sergers up by me showing them how to do the tissue covers that I have been doing for the "25 weeks of Christmas" yahoo group that I joined. They all loved them and they were so quick that a few of them did two. Now here is where I dropped the ball cause I didn't take pictures of any of the stuff we worked on. Oh, and we also did show and tell which I didn't take pictures of ~ some blogger I am! In any case we really really enjoyed being together again. I have missed all of them terribly and since our friend Peg is moving to Germany in the not to distant future we are going to try to get together again before very long only this time we will gather at "Scrap & Sew" in Tampa for a Friday night sew-in which goes on till midnight. I'm already looking forward to it. Deb showed everyone how to do these really cute skirts made from cut off jeans and 4 layers of ruffled fabrics. No one got theirs all done (do we ever?) but I think everyone got the idea and a good start on their project. I also showed some of them how to do wonder wallets (some had already done them) and those got made as well. Gail and I both made this matching set (left overs from her skirt project). Aren't they just too cute.DSC02229 I may just have to keep this set.
We started wrapping things up about 6:00 and Prudence left to meet with her brother in Orlando and the rest of us went out to R.J. Gators for a bite before they all headed back to Tampa. The food was okay but not nearly as good as it usually is. Isn't that always the way. The other bad thing is that they have now (as of 2 days ago apparently) done away with their pineapple mango salsa that is just to die for. I may never go back again! Well good bye's were said and they all arrived tired but safe back in Tampa. I loved that they came all this way just to see me ~ these are true friends and I am thankful for every one of them.
So, How was your day?


Dani said...

awe! That sounds like a blast! glad you had fun! I love you!

Monnik said...

That does sound fun. You guys are so talented.

I got my coasters in the mail. They are beautiful! And the green matches my living room perfectly. THANKS!!!!