Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chinese Acrobats Make Me Sick

Literally! Today I went on a field trip with Julianne's class to see the Golden Dragon Acrobats perform. It was a very loud but thankfully short ride to the King Center at Brevard Community College. Here's my brat with her friends Sarah & Tia (who by the way have mastered the art of 3 way calling!)
DSC02215-1 In any case we managed to get them in and seated along with what seemed like every other class from every other school in this county and every other county in the state ~ That's a lot of kids and lot of noise. The kids sitting behind us seemed to be from a small, less fortunate school and the two kids directly behind me yelled through the entire performance. The teacher never did anything about it mostly because she was really old and couldn't hear. Before the performance they were trying to ask her something and yelling her name ~ but she couldn't hear. Even when the child next to her finally tapped her on the arm and tried to explain that child XYZ needed her, she still couldn't understand what they were saying. I know it was loud in there but even me, with my terrible hearing could hear and understand. I guess that's yet another problem with schools in "troubled" areas is that they end up with the teachers no one else would hire thereby ensuring the low quality of the education and turning out less than desirable students... but I digress... back to the show. It was really amazing to see these talented performers ~ not a completely flawless performance which I actually thought made it better. Sometimes they make it look so effortless you think it must be easy but a slip up here and there ~ you know they are working hard. As for them making me sick ... there was a point in the show where this one guy ends up balancing on one hand. No biggie, right? Except he was on a chair ~ that was very precariously leaning on another chair which was stacked on another chair which was stacked on about 5 other chairs which was on top of a 10' tower. Oh My God! I'm not sure if it was the mom in me or what but I couldn't watch. I wanted to tell him to "stop fooling around and get down from there before he got hurt." It really made my stomach go into knots and I had to look away. I loved watching the rest of the show ~ very colorful and the music was perfect and the people were beautiful but this guy kinda freaked me out.
Well we managed to get all the kiddos back on the bus and back to school safely.DSC02219 Next month I am supposed to go on a field trip with Nathaniel's class to FP&L on Hutchinson Island which is about an hour trip. YIKES. I think I'll borrow Richards Ipod and try to drowned out the noise of 50 screaming children.
DSC00106.JPGSpeaking of next month I just found out that my friend Ann is coming all the way from Oregon to see me for a few days. I'm so excited. She and I became friends when her son Dakota and Julianne were in the same kindergarten class. I take that back, we didn't become friends until the summer after that. The year the kids were in class together I thought she was a total snob! She's not really but it's a standing joke with us so I had to say it! In any case I've since gotten her hooked on quilting so she will spend her days here with me hopping and shopping the quilts shops and sewing until the wee hours of the night. Good thing I have a very understanding husband as does she for buying her the ticket ~ thanks Devon. Wonder if he knows that the plane fare is such a small part of the hit his credit card will take?
DSC02223In other sewing related news... my girls from Tampa will be here on Sunday to sew with me. It's the first time they are visiting here (except MC who came on her own a while back) and I'm really looking forward to it. My sewing room is still a disaster area but I made these table skirts to try to hide some of the mess ~ Flamingos ~ go figure! I guess I still need to clean the mess so all 5 of us can get sewing and cutting and gossiping and eating all at once!
Well that was my day. Check out my son in law Jeremy's blog to see their adventures in the snow. Jen's brother Josh is visiting with them this week so they are hoping for enough snow to play in. So, How was your day?

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Monnik said...

oh my gosh! I would have squinched my eyes shut at that acrobat too. That makes me soooo nervous!! Sounds like fun, though, too!