Saturday, January 12, 2008

A good Saturday

Today was a pretty good day ~ nothing earth shattering ~ just good. Tuesday is "career" day in Julianne's class. They'll all come to class dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Julianne has decided she'll be a vet so yesterday I made her a scrubs top ~ red with doggies all over it and a scrunchie to match in red with black puppy paws. It turned out pretty good. I had some issues with the front neck but once I actually paid attention to the directions I got it right. It's hard for a quilter, used to using a 1/4" seam allowance to use a 5/8" seam allowance. Man that is HUGE. I will post pictures on Tuesday when she is all decked out and ready to go. I want to find a toy stethoscope for her to wear around her neck. Got any other ideas for me?
Julianne went to work with Richard for a few hours today so Buggy I had had a nice quiet day. He played outside for quite a while which allowed me to get a lot of laundry done but then he came inside and we snuggled and watched TV for a bit. I love "snuggle" times. He promises we'll still do this when he is 18 ~ I sure hope so.
A big ol birthday shout out to HANNAH! Hannah turned 13 today ~ she is officially a teenager and a real sweetheart. Happy Birthday Honey!DSC01314 Don't she and Julianne look so cute. I have to tell you, they have been doing this "dress alike" thing almost as long as they have known each other. Unfortunately they only get together once a year or so but we always try to find or make at least one outfit alike. Here's another one for you... This was taken back in 2002 when they first came to visit. I think Julianne is 2 here which would make Hannah 6 ~ where does the time go? Well that was my day. So, How was your day? Remember only one more day to get a comment in and be eligible for my coaster give away.

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