Saturday, February 23, 2008

Princess Punkin Cakes turns 9!

Well my little baby girl is getting all growd up! She turned 9 on Friday. I brought cupcakes and juice for the class. Her teacher had the bright idea of having the celebration out at recess so there would be no mess in the classroom. 2 problems with this though. 1 ~ it was so windy I thought we were back in Chicago where my little one was born. Wish I had taken a picture of what happens when a cupcake loaded with icing flies through the air and hits a few screaming girls. 2 ~ they are out at recess with 4 other 3rd grade classes who all came running at the site of cupcakes. I had to beat them off with a stick. I did take this pic though. DSC02330
Saturday was the big party. She invited 6 girls from her class (5 out of 6 actually came) and we did a "Pop Star Makeover" party. Here's the loot each girl got... A feather boa, a bling t shirt, a brush & mirror set,some other hair accessories, a nail file, fake Miley Cyrus hair, chocolate, some finger separators shaped like crowns and a ring. DSC02332. I had two teenagers come over and help me with hair, nails and make up. I had all kinds of sparkly glittery make up along with face bling and tattoos. DSC02340 We also did some jewelry making DSC02342
Here's the birthday girl herself opening her gifts. DSC02373C
We played Hannah Montana and High School Musical on Julianne's Karaoke machine and the girls had tons of fun dancing and singing along DSC02369
and of course, her brother had to get in on the act.... DSCN0470 I wish this had turned out less blurry but you get the idea ~ and he was loving it.
Later that night we met up with my step mom Patty and my little bro Matthew. They were over at UCF looking at condos since he will be going back there in the summer. They drove over to see us and we all went to dinner. Here's Nate with his godfather who also happens to be my godson (and my brother). I love this picture!
I think this is my favorite picture of the day though... It's all the girls in Julianne's room sitting on her bed (notice the new quilt!) and covered in teen idol posters. DSC02375 Needless to say a good time was had by all and I, for one, am glad its over! So, How was your day?

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Dani said...

Very Very Very happy late birthday to jules!! So sorry I didn't even call, its been crazy around here! I promise i didn't forget, just BUSY! anyway I hope it was great and i'll be sure to get her card out tomorrow! Love you tons! I miss you, you haven't called lately sorry if your mad at me!