Sunday, February 24, 2008

More party pics & video

So, for the few days before the party I busted my butt getting her new quilt finished. I think that was more for me than her though cause no one else really noticed. It came out a bit more orange than I had planned ~ Me and orange ~ go figure.DSC02324
I also finished a set of pillow cases to go with the quilt in the spare room. I think they turned out cute. DSC02326
Oh, I also forgot... as a parting gift I had taken a pic of each of the girls with Julianne in front of the door with "Hannah Montana" and my darling hublet uploaded them to the computer and got them printed out and back in time for me to put them in cute little pink frames with a red bow for each guest. Here's one of the whole gang. DSCN0468
Here's Julianne's friend Sara getting her nails done by Miley (yes, my babysitter's name is Miley!)DSCN0459
And here's Hannah Montana at our front door. Let me tell you this freaked me out once or twice seeing it out of the corner of my eye and thinking someone was standing there. The dog wasn't too happy about it either! DSCN0458
And last but not least ~ Here's a video from the party!
Oh and in case you were wondering Julianne got to pick out a new bike for her birthday ~ purple, of course. Thanks to all of you who sent her gift cards, checks, cash & gifts. She'll be getting those thank you notes out this weekend! So, how was your day?

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