Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Okay so for someone who doesn't celebrate Valentines day as a rule ~ I did me some celebrating! I actually remembered to get Richard a card and he got me one too. How amazing is that cause we don't normally do that. I mean, for us ~ everyday is a reason to celebrate love ~ AWWWW! For most of the day I bounced back and forth from Nathaniel's classroom where I helped hand out valentines to Julianne's classroom where I lead the Valentine Bingo game. Both kids came home with bags of candy (oh joy). Nathaniel's teacher had them do something that was a really good idea but I'm now thinking they are not quite mature enough for. She printed out and handed out paper with each child's name on it and each child was required to write something nice about each person in the class. Again ~ good in theory but one kid (boy) wrote "I really like your unibrow" to another kid(girl). The teacher had enough sense to check the papers before they were given out and when she quesioned him about why he wrote that he said "Cause I really think it looks cool." At least he was sincere but she made him write something else anyway. And Jen in case you couldn't guess who did this ~ it was your pal Vinnie!"Vinny
For dinner I made my now traditional meat loaf and pink mashed potatoes. Yes, I said Pink. It's almost hard to eat them when they are that color but the kids love it. One year I even shaped the meatloaf into a heart! And yes, I make green mashed potatoes (along with corned beef & cabbage) for St. Patricks day although I've never had green beer. Maybe I'll have to remedy that this year. Well that was our "Day of Love." At least the part I can write about and you all don't need to know the rest! So, How was your day?

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Dani said...

EWWWW PINK MASHED POTATOES??? Your too weird.. wonder if we could do that for the baby shower! haha love ya