Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The big reveal

Okay so around Christmas time I alluded to something that Jen had done that had made me very proud but I couldn't talk about it yet (and NO she's not preggers!) Well not only can I now tell you about it ~ I can show you... Her first ever quilt!!!! And here's the proof she did it herself. Not bad for someone who claims to be totally undomesticated. She did it all from picking out the fabrics to picking the pattern to cutting it all out and sewing it all back together. I did quilt and bind it for her but hey ~ she did all the rest. Oh and the quilt is actually for her Aunt Valerie (my ex SIL) who is expecting early this summer, I believe. They had a baby shower for her in Atlanta this last weekend and I had to wait for that before I could show you her work. Can you tell I'm a proud mama? Who knows what domestic skills she will show next? So, How was your day?DSC02188

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