Monday, February 11, 2008

My visit with my friend Ann

I know ~ I talked about it so much before it happened and I'm sure you've been on pins and needles just waiting to hear how my visit with my friend Ann from Oregon was. I've been so busy (and still recovering from bronchitis) since she was here that I haven't had a chance to tell you ~ so here goes...
Ann's plane arrived a little over an hour late but fortunately she was able to call me before I left for the airport and tell me that they were being delayed and then called again to tell me they were boarding and ready to take off which told me I had about an hour before I had to leave for the airport which sure beats sitting around in that scary cell phone lot by myself late at night! That's a true friend who watches out for you! We arrived at the airport in Orlando just about the same time and I was so excited to see her. Her hair has gotten very long since the last time I saw her and mine has gotten shorter! We chatted and chatted the whole way home which made the hour drive seem to fly by. We stopped at Denny's so she could get a bite to eat since she had been traveling since 7:30 that morning (Oregon time) and it was now midnight (Melbourne time).
Unfortunately Nathaniel (who has been coughing for a couple of weeks) now has a fever so we've determined he'll be staying home with us tomorrow (so much for our mani/pedi's). About 10:00 he decided he didn't feel so bad after all and he was no longer running a fever so we headed over to one of the quilt shops for what ended up being a couple of hours. It wore both Nathaniel and I out though but I got some great fabric for Bryce's (Alex's new little guy) quilt and Ann got some fun stuff to play/sew with. We grabbed some lunch at Long John Silvers and headed for home. We just beat Julianne home and we were so exhausted we completely forgot to walk outside and watch the space shuttle go up ~ bummer!!! Richard forgot also until after it was over and called to see if we had caught it.
Later that night Buggy's fever went up to 103.5 so guess who is staying home from school again tomorrow! I felt so bad for him. He could barely lift his head and his eyes were all glassy. I was able to get the fever down pretty quickly with meds and cold cloths on his head but I just hate when my kids are sick. Friday we stayed in and Ann got lots of sewing done. She did a tissue cover, a wonder wallet, a sassy bag and two fabric bowls (which are now her new favorite thing to make). I didn't take pictures of all of it but here are a few hilights...DSC02294DSC02295 Didn't her bag turn out great. Good thing we had gone shopping the day before and loaded up on patterns and fabrics!
Saturday Ann & I went out to breakfast and then hit EVERY QUILT SHOP any where near us including a return visit to "A Quilt Place" where we had been on Thursday. As it turns out the fabrics I got for Bryce's quilt turned out to be totally wrong after Adam sent me pictures of the little guys room but I managed to find some that were much more suitable. Some lucky recipient is gonna get a really cool / bright Hawaiian fishy quilt though. Saturday night Ann's son David came over and the four of us (Ann, David, Richard & I) went out to City Bistro for dinner and had a wonderful time. David is a great guy who is in his first year of college at UCF. I, of course, forgot to take pictures again! Miley came over and babysat the kids (thank goodness Nathaniel was doing much better and hadn't run a fever for 24 hrs).
Ann and I got up at 6:30 Sunday morning and headed for the airport. By the time I got home around 9:30 I was just plum worn out. I went right back to bed and pretty much stayed there until around noon when I went out to the couch and promptly went right back to sleep. Richard had taken the kids to work with him and it was just the day I needed to completely recover!
So ~ that was Ann's visit. Wasn't it worth waiting for???? So, how was your day?

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