Tuesday, February 26, 2008

feathers are all cleaned up

As I mentioned in my earlier posts about Julianne's bday, I got each of the girls feather boas. DO NOT DO THIS! I have been picking up feathers for two days now. Even the poor dog had them stuck to her. I'll probably still be finding these damn pink feathers when we move out this summer!
Good news ~ Nathaniel was chosen out of only 16 from his school to have his artwork displayed at the Melbourne Square Mall Art Show. It'll be there until March 1st right outside the Dillards entrance inside the mall. Apparently it's quite an honor so if you are in the area check it out. We'll probably be there on Saturday and I'll get a picture and post it for you all.
More Good News ~ This was the email Jennifer got today from the University of Florida: Congratulations! It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the College of Journalism and Communications Doctoral Application Review Committee has approved your application for doctoral studies for the Fall, 2008 semester. Our doctoral program is consistently one of the highest rated in the nation, and only a small percentage of applicants are admitted. Truly, you are to be congratulated. She is still waiting to hear from a few others but this was one of her top picks so she's very excited. I'd also be really happy to have them closer!
Julianne is working on a report for school. She has to write something about an historical figure and she's chosen ELVIS PRESLEY!! God, I must be getting old! When did Elvis become an historical figure! I have been to Graceland. I'll have to dig some of those photos out for her report ~ she has to do a poster board. I actually got to see him waaay back in the early 70's at the Miami Beach Convention Center. I wasn't really that "into" Elvis at the time (more like Grand Funk Railroad!) but I went with my sister who is a HUGE fan and I have to admit ~ it was a hellofa concert. You could feel the electricity in the room just before he gets on stage.. of course once he's there you couldn't help getting into it. He was a great performer.
Me, I've been busy doing something I really really hate... getting people and businesses to donate to our school auction. "Quest Fest" is coming up in April and we auction off baskets. Half the money raised goes to the PTO (when did it change from PTA?) and the other half goes right back into the classrooms themselves. Since I am home room mom for both kids classes ~ I've been busting my butt all over town. Gotten quite a few donations so far. Julianne's class basket theme is "Making Memories." I'm making a hand print quilt (using the kids in the class) representing the months of the year. I got the idea from this book by Marcia Layton. She actually lives in Tampa and works at Heritage Quilt and Needle Works. She's one talented lady. The book just has so many wonderful ideas that I'd like to make. I'm crossing my fingers on the one for the school cause I didn't have a lot of time to get the handprints down the way I wanted to. I'm sure it'll be fine though. I also managed to wrestle up tickets to the Ice Plex, Rave Movie Theatres, a few local restaurants and I'm hoping to get tickets to the local baseball stadium as well. Then we will load the basket with a camera and scrap book stuff to help keep the memories of all these outings.
Nate's class basket is all about Wild Animals ~ appropriate, right? I'm waiting to hear back from the Zoo to see if they will donate a family pass. I'm also making a quilt for this basket. Most of the fabrics have been donated by "The Quilt Place" and they are all animal prints. I'm also hoping to put in some binoculars, a camera, the movie "Madagascar" and also an animal video game. There will hopefully be lots of other donations and next week I need to look into getting some company sponsors. I just really hate soliciting donations ~ even though it's for a great cause.
Richard has been busting his butt at work. He even had to go in on Saturday right after Julianne's party. Nathaniel went into work with him on Sunday and got all of his homework caught up (for now!). It's been crazy. Poor man hasn't had a day off in ages. I'm sure hoping this won't last much longer (the long hours, not the job!).
Well that's really all the news I can think of right now. It's getting late and I need sleep! Oh one more thing.. just had to show you this wonderful pic of my two little ones actually getting along! How sweet is this? DSCN0432
So, How was your day?

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