Saturday, September 29, 2007

I apologize

I know it's been waaay too long since I've posted ~ I've been meaning to, really. I can't really even blame it on the Bell's ~ well maybe just a little. It's still an adjustment but I am adjusting. I started physical therapy for my face on Friday. They attach these little pads to my face and then turn the machine voltage up high enough to get my face twitching.  He says he's taking it easy on me now but soon he'll turn it up higher so my whole face starts to contort ~ GREAT! He is also doing a type of acupressure. It's not with needles but looks more like a pen with a sharp point. It sends voltage directly into where ever the pen is placed. He does that in several places on my face and also several places on my toes, apparently where the pressure points for your face are located. The good news is that his patients are always recovered or well on their way within a month. He has also given me some exercises for my arm and we'll work on that next week. So, for the next month, I will see him 3x a week and hopefully we'll get some great results. I'm still not ready to show everyone the other picture of my face ~ Waay too scary. I posted this one cause you really can't see the damage to my face and the other thing you can't see is the HUGE grey roots in my hair. I am going to Tampa next weekend to get my hair done by the wonderful Diana and to deliver the last couple of customer quilts I have been working on. Also gonna meet with my friend Lori (hey girl) for the day and do something fun!
My mother in law Charlotte (or Ginky as she is known in this house) came up on Thursday. I think she just wanted to see for herself that I am okay. How sweet is that! We had a great time. We met Richard for lunch here. If you are ever in the area, you "have to" go and I'll be happy to go too. Wonderful menu. I had a tropical chicken salad on a bed of fresh fruit. It was super yummy. Charlotte had a crab sandwich and said it was great too. It's also got a sushi bar and from what I understand it's a hoppin night spot as well. Rich and Jeremy went here one night while Jeremy was here on business before the kids and I moved up. I also let her drive my new car since she is going to be in the market for another vehicle soon and let's just say I think we may have to make another trip to Space Coast Honda soon!

Nathaniel got his interim grades this week and it wasn't a pretty picture. Let's just say he and all games video have parted ways until his grades go back up. Now mind you he is a very bright and gifted child but without a doubt the most unorganized and distracted young man I have ever known.  His teacher this year is tough (But fair) and the first day something is turned in late it's automatically a grade lower and after that it's a zero. This spells real trouble for our boy but it's a lesson he has to learn. I have also been "nominated" as his home room parent which I believe will be a good thing. I'll be able to chat with his teacher on a weekly basis and hopefully that'll help keep him on task. One of the things I will be doing on a weekly basis with his class is going with them to the science lab which should be fun. Look for pictures on this in the future.
Julianne's grades were good (not great, but good). Not sure if it's the school or the teachers or both but this year at school seems much tougher (tougher = better) for both of them.  She definitely has a style all her own, this child. This is what she wore to bed the other night ~ go figure!
Not to leave out the "other child" in the house ~ here is hairy toed Sadie. She will be going to see the groomer this week. I have to tell you, I did not put this shirt on her (well I may have helped a bit to straighten it out) but she jumped up on the couch and crawled under/into it. So spoiled.
Be sure to check out Jen's Blog and or Jeremy's Blog for a big announcement coming in the next day or two and that's all I'm gonna say about that for now. Well that's been my week. I promise to post more often. So how was your day?

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Jennifer said...

I'm so proud of you for posting that picture of yourself! You are truly a devoted blogger! Almost (!!) a true journalist!!!