Friday, September 14, 2007

It makes me feel so young...

Well yesterday I went to a "seminar" at the local Bernina Dealer/Quilt Shop. I think I liked it better when I showed up a day early and there was no one else there! I am not really picky about the ages of my friends (I mean really ~ look at all of you!). I have always had friends of all ages and I certainly don't have anything against people older than me but dear God the people here are ANCIENT!
It's really sad that I was the youngest person in the place... I actually brought the average age down to, oh I don't know... ALIVE. So I'm squeezed in between these two woman and I smile pleasantly and start to look through the information packet/magazine etc. I've been given.
The woman to my right starts to do the same and proceeds to dump her cup of coffee all over the two of us. Now I know this could have happened to anyone but it was her frailty that caused the catastrophe and her inability to be able to do anything about it.
Then there was the woman to my left who was even older and covered in ace bandages on her arms etc...  I really do understand that as people age their skin gets very thin and they bruise and cut very easily. Well this woman had a "sore" on her arm that had to be 6" in diameter and I guess she had bumped it against something on the way in to the room and it literally exploded. I look over and there is black scab hanging on for dear life and blood everywhere! One of the ladies that worked there offered to get her a band aid but a) the "sore" was too large and b) the bandage would have wounded her skin worse so she assured the worker that she was fine and proceeded to bleed everywhere all the while blotting herself with paper towels. In the mean time she's passing informational papers to me and the "Bloodborne Pathogens" classes I was forced to take at the YMCA comes flooding back to me and I really don't want to handle this stuff with my bare hands and now the sight of all the blood, gore and bloody paper towels all over the floor is making me very queasy.
I did stay for "most" of the lecture which would have been interesting if I had planned on spending a good $6000 for a new sewing machine and a few thousand more in software and accessories for this machine ~ YIKES.
Anyway.. I hightailed it out of there smelling like formaldehyde and so for now I've decided that I absolutely DO NOT want to teach any quilting classes at the local quilt shops! What I did do though was sign up for a miniature quilt of the month ~ very very beachy and I'm very excited about it. It's all done in hand-dyed batik fabrics with beading and such. Here's a sneak peak at the patterns and I promise to show mine to you as I get them done.

I also got this book ~  I guess I was in a very tropical mood yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday (Sept 13th), it would have been our Kibbles' birthday. She was such a great dog. For those of you who never got to meet her she was dumb as a post but with a heart and a butt as big as the sky. We have so many wonderful stories of her and although it's been over 10 years we still miss her.

Today I abandoned everything else and made a quilt top ~ but will post about that maybe tomorrow. Tonight I must get some sleep. My wonderful mother-in-law has not been feeling well the last couple of days so think good healing thoughts for her please. Other than that we are all doing well ~ staying young and alive! So, how was your day?

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JGC said...

We'll call you Blood and Guts Barb.