Sunday, September 9, 2007

Even an Octopus needs a little bling

So here's my purple &  green octopus that I made for a project for kids camp this summer. DSC01507 Now, most of you know I DON'T TEACH CHILDREN! but I adore the owners of the Bernina shop in Brandon and she asked and well.. how could I say no. The class actually went really well. I didn't physically harm any of the children, they all went home with an octopus and were very happy with it.DSC01155
Now, originally I came up with this project done very simply. The end of his/her legs were left raw with batting exposed but now that she (definitely a she) has come home to stay I thought I'd dress her up a little. I undid the bottoms of her tentacles and trimmed the batting and tucked under the fabric and sewed it properly... not quite enough just yet though so last Saturday while shopping with my friend Mary Catherine I came across some beading (you know the stuff already strung on the end of a ribbon) for $1.00 SUCH A DEAL! Well these are not made to be cut into little strips without coming apart so I went ahead and took them apart, added some more of my own beads and voila very fancy beaded Octopus. Now what to name her. Any suggestions?

I have a favorite new song ~ well I'm not sure how "new" it is but it's new to me so that'll have to work for you... Anyhow it's Michael Bublé and the song is called "Everything". I've decided it's mine and Richards newest song ~mind you, he has nothing to say on the matter! Feel free to give a listen. The video itself is kinda goofy but the song itself is great. It's not on an album yet but I did purchase it off Itunes along with a bunch of other random stuff for Richard to make me a new CD. I'll be glad when I get my new computer and won't have to bug my hubster quite so much with CD stuff ~ I'm sure he'll be even happier than me! I tend to drive him nuts(on so many levels).

The kids had a pretty good week at school. Nathaniel had a bit of a stumbling block at one point with a girl who decided to get his attention by picking at him and he didn't handle it as well as he should have. I think she called him a "retard" and kept hitting him with a soccer ball and he called her "phooey head" or something like that and apparently threw it back at her. I guess not bad in the grand scheme of things but they have since worked it out and became friends. It did warrant a call to me from their teacher though. The highlight of their week was getting a postcard from Sissy & Jeremy (thanks guys). They love getting snail mail.
The highlight of my week was getting new (is it really considered new if you didn't have any before?) lamps for our night stands! Richard says he now feels like a "grown up" having matching lamps and a very grown up bedroom (if you don't pay attention to the Tinkerbell stuff on my side!). Now what I need is a BIG print for over the bed. I'm looking for something like tropics at night. Saw a few prints yesterday at the mall here in Melbourne but just can't bring myself to pay $250 for what I consider a poster! YIKES. Guess I'll keep looking and keep you posted. DSC01501
And speaking of my grown up and our new bedroom, this is what I found this morning after I got up, checked my mail and walked back into my room. Now Sadie knows this is a "no no" but Richard was so sound asleep and I was nowhere in site so she went for it. Don't they just look too cute?
Well, back to the grind.. I've got two quilts to finish up for customers so I can deliver them next month when I go to Tampa. So, how was your day?

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