Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just another day in paradise

Well things are finally starting to calm down around here after the long car fiasco. Kids are actually in bed at their bedtime as opposed to being at the car dealership till 9:00 and then trying to grab some dinner. Nathaniel about fell asleep in his mac and cheese at Chili's last night ~ poor baby.

Tonight we went over to the kids school to meet his teacher (we missed Juliannes last night) and things went well. I like his teacher and I think she likes him which is so very important for him to do well. We did some more school clothes shopping for him as his shorts are all getting waaay too short for him and he's at the age where it now matters. He got a pair of the skater type plaid shorts and I have to say, they look really good on him ~ but then what doesn't. Julianne has always been a little clothes horse and fun to dress but boys aren't always so much fun till now!
After the school function we ate dinner at a little Asian place. Julianne and I had sweet & sour chicken and Nathaniel had some tempura shrimp ! Richard went with the sushi. Smoked eel and avacado as well as some tuna. I'm glad he enjoys it! EEK!

Before I forget I want to say a belated Happy Birthday to Adam (or as he's known in our house, Frances ~ don't ask)! His birthday was yesterday but I just didn't have it in me to blog before going to bed last night or at 4:00 am when I couldn't sleep and wrote about the car. so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! In case you don't know Adam, he is my Alex's husband and father to little TYLER!

Please check out my daughter Jen's blog. She's been writing a series of articles about a wonderful family and specifically the son, Greg. He has been fighting cancer almost all his life and this week lost the battle. She has become quite close to the family and will be flying down this weekend to attend the memorial service. She is the only reporter his mom will let write the story. Her posts and articles on him are quite well done and very uplifting. I'd love to hear what you think. You can get to her by clicking the link on the right that says "Jen's Blog".

I finally got my cortisone shot yesterday and it really didn't hurt much at all. Dr. Steve spayed it with some numbing stuff till it was good and frozen. My arm feels a lot better but not completely without pain yet. I will have an MRI done next week as he thinks there is more to it than a torn rotator cuff. I'll keep you updated.

Sadie got to go to the doctor too yesterday. We got really lucky in finding Suntree Animal clinic. Everyone from the girls at the front desk to the Veterinarian herself were wonderful with Sadie. You can tell these people really love animals. She does have an ear infection and is in desperate need of a teeth cleaning which we will probably do next week. She also got her anal glands expressed which I'm sure was more than you needed to know. I think later this week we will go to the groomers cause she is badly in need of a trim.

I'm very excited because Richard ordered my new computer yesterday and it should be here next week. I'll be able to have all my music and embroidery files and photos organized and in one place! I've got simple needs but I want what I want when I want it. Is that too much to ask??

Did a lot of running around today (in my new car) which started with me showing up at one of the local quilt shops at 10:00 this morning for a seminar that is actually at 10:00 TOMORROW morning! Way to go me! But since I was there I manage to pick up a really nice batik fabric as Richard has asked for more pillow cases for our bed and I thought this fabric would make nice ones.

Hopefully I'll get them done tomorrow and yes, Jen, I know I owe you a set of pillow cases too! I also went over to another quilt shop in Cocoa to pick up some fabric for my friend Mary Catherine and of course couldn't resist some for myself too (Just don't tell Richard). Also hit Target and got some much needed cabinets for the master bathroom which has no drawers so our stuff is all over the place. I'm hoping to get that all organized this week too. All in all it's been a pretty busy day for me ~ So again I ask.... HOW WAS YOUR DAY?


Jennifer said...

Uh, YEAH! Pillowcases!!!

Anonymous said...

I am loving this blog!! It is great to be able to see/read what and how things are going with everyone!! Thank you!!!
Love you much, Kiss the kids for me!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous...not a word I would usually use for myself but if you couldn't guess, It's ANGIE!!!