Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm sewing again!

I have to tell you... we (Rich, Charlotte, the kids and I) saw the most wonderful movie this weekend. It is called "Stardust" with Michelle Pfeiffer and Claire Danes. Very mystical/magical ~ beautiful scenery ~ great love story with some comedy thrown in and even some fight scenes for you guys out there. This will definitely be a "must own" when it comes out. If you get to see it, I'd love to hear what you think.

I actually did some sewing this weekend. I got a few flannels the other day when I was with MaryCatherine with the thought of making a flower pillow for Julianne's room. I didn't have a pattern but was able to tell Richard what I wanted and the genius he is, figured out the angle for the wedge piece and made me a nice little pattern for this. Julianne was very pleased and it's yet another step towards redoing her room. I also got the fabric and pins to make her bulletin board and just in the nick of time. I noticed an explosion of Zack Efron posters all over her room and I'd really like to keep the amount of holes in the wall to a minimum.

I also got some very cool fabrics for a new quilt for Nathaniel with bugs, dragons & lizards in bright vibrant colors. Still not sure what type of pattern I will use but it's not like I don't have enough books and magazines to find something I want. It's just a matter of sitting down and picking one.

I brought my van back to Tires Plus today with not much success. They swapped tire positions, realigned the tires ~ and still the van pulls to the right. He also says the squeal in my brakes is something I'll have to learn to live with unless I want them to do a complete rear brake job, which it supposedly doesn't need. I think what I need, is to find a new mechanic!

Did go to my regular doctor today (who I just love) and he says he's glad my arm is feeling better but I do have a torn rotator cuff which doesn't heal itself. The only way to completely eliminate the problem is surgery which he DOES NOT recommend. He says if it flares up to come in and he'll just give it a shot and I'll be fine. Actually he'll have his brother, the other doctor do it. You see they both work in the same practice and until today I didn't realize they were twins. Right after I saw Dr. David he walked away and when I looked back there he was but in a different shirt! Guess that was Dr. Steve ~ go figure.

Julianne came home from school early because she had a tummy ache and then proceeded to polish off a snack bag of barbeque chips while I wasn't paying attention and as soon as school was over, decided she felt much better and was hopping mad when I wouldn't let her go out to play. Hey, it's always been the rule... you stay home from school (or come home early) you are "in" for the day! Did get to the park with Nathaniel and two of his friends after dinner tonight to practice baseball. He's really good at hitting, especially since he's had absolutely no training at all but oh Lord, he throws like a girl! What he really wants to do is play soccer so we've gotten the information to sign up but the leagues are full right now. We have to wait till November to sign him up for the spring! Maybe till then we can figure something else out. Well I'm off to bed. It's been a long day....So, how was your day?

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Anonymous said...

oh Barb ~

how I have missed you...I'm just going to live through you vicariously b/c I am SO swamped with school right now, I barely remember that I have a sewing machine much less how to use it...not completely true, but it's pretty bad. So bad that I took a PT job at the LQS just so that I can look at material a few hours a week (I can sneak in a few seams as well)...keep those posts coming, always informative, always entertaining