Thursday, December 18, 2008

New item in our dinner rotation

While we don't really have a dinner rotation, I do seem to make the same stuff over and over again. Some times new things are added, old ones deleted or forgotten about. I really like to cook, just hate the monotony of doing the same ol same ol. Our local grocery store, Publix, has a program where they cook up new meals most days and give you recipes on these great cards that fit into a little notebook. I've gotten some of my favorite meals on those cards.
I came across a new favorite the other day. It starts with this DSC04942 but adds a few things here and there and it is really very good. DSC04941 The same card also gave you the recipe for a very yummy salad DSC04945 with Makoto Ginger dressing; some egg rolls and it was a most delicious dinner.

I don't always have the time available to make a big dinner. Actually some days, especially lately, I'm lucky I have time to drive thru Mickey D's. Tuesday, for example started with an 8:00 am meeting at the school, followed by work at the quilt shop until 2:30 and then directly back to the school for a PTO meeting at 3:00 ~ then it was a race to girl scouts to find out info on selling girl scout cookies and thru the drive thru (I was starving at this point) and back to the school once again for the Winter Music Show where Nate was playing the bongos! DSC04974
We didn't get home until after 8:30 because one of the girls from Nate's class was still outside waiting to get picked up and I didn't want to leave her there alone.

All in all it was a very busy day and I can't believe we only have one week left till Christmas! I'm off and running again.....

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Miss Healthypants said...

That stuff looks good--and easy enough for even ME to cook! :)